The Competition Process

After your application has been received, an established competition process is followed. This process is designed to select the candidate who best demonstrates the knowledge, skills, abilities and personal suitability for the position: the official Job Advertisement will clearly identify these requirements. Selection is based on merit principles.

Selection Boards

Selection Boards are normally comprised of a Selection Board Chair (SBC) who is trained and certified in the application and protection of merit based staffing and a departmental representative. A Technical Advisor or Observer may also attend various phases of the competition process with the approval of the SBC. The SBC directs the activities of the Selection Board ensuring adherence to Human Resource Secretariat and Public Service Commission policies and procedures.

Screening Candidates

Applications are screened to determine whether the candidates meet established qualifications as set by the Selection Board. Further evaluation may be required, including a personal interview.

Interview and/or Other Selection Methods

During a personal interview, candidates are assessed on their knowledge, abilities and personal suitability in relation to the job posting. A pre-determined list of relevant questions and preferred responses is utilized and applied consistently to all candidates. All candidates are ranked in accordance with the responses provided. Other selection tools, such as tests, may be used to assist in the competition process. Reference checks are conducted on the top ranked candidates, after which a recommendation is made. The recommendation is forwarded to the Department Head/CEO who makes the final selection and appointment.

Feedback and Complaints

All candidates are notified in writing of their placement as a result of the interview process. Any candidate is encouraged to call and speak with the Selection Board Chair to obtain feedback. If you are not satisfied with this process, you may initiate a formal complaint to the Human Resource Secretariat, Strategic Staffing Division.